John F. Harkins

John F. Harkins, Mechanical Expert Witness Services.

Founder and President of John F. Harkins Co., Inc. and Harkins Mechanical Services, Inc., has been active in Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Plumbing Industries for over 40 years.

Started company with One Thousand Dollars and built the company to the 48 largest in the USA, doing 35 million in annual sales with 550 employees in 1984, currently, operating Harkins Mechanical Construction, Inc.

My personal involvement in all the major trade associations has given me an added dimension in the successful operation of my companies.

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Mechanical Expert Witness

John F.Harkins brings a lifetime of experience, over 66 years, to his Expect Witness and Consulting services. From a Vocational school education thru specialized courses in the mechanical contracting field, to starting a mechanical business in the most humble surroundings. John Harkin’s experience and work ethic grew his company into the 48 largest in the USA! While doing so contributed to its clients, employees and society the best service in the mechanical contracting industry. All of this is yours when you engage JFH for your needs in the mechanical contracting industry as a consultant or expert witness.

Professional Experience & Jobs

John Harkins specializes in the heating, ventilating, air conditioning, refrigeration and plumbing industries. His current licenses consist of; Master Plumber: City of Philadelphia, State of Pennsylvania; State of New Jersey, Master Electrician: City of Philadelphia; State of Pennsylvania and Mechanical Contractor: City of Philadelphia; State of Pennsylvania; State of New Jersey. John has overseen and worked directly with many large corpororations including: A&E Construction Co., Abington Township Bldg., Ackrik Associates, Afro American Museum, Agnes P. Company, Albert Einstein Medical Center, Allied Consturction, Amerimar Realty Management Co., ARCO Chemical Co., Arena & Co., AT&T Communications, Ausimont USA, Inc., Barclay White, Inc., Bartash Publications, Bayard Sales Corporation, Bell Atlantic, Bell Atlantic Mobil Systems, Berm Studios, Inc., Betz Metchem, Binswanger Corporation, Bovis Lend Lease, Bristol Myer Squibb, Bryn Mawr College, Bryn Mawr Presbiterian Church. continue...

Supreme Court

Litigation Expert witness testimony for a variety of cases, including the Supreme Court case of John Harkins Inc vs. Waldinger Corp. John’s experience and comfort within the industry and setting a standard of opporations throughout the years has provin a vital asset when explaining the details and procedures of many questions in regards to oporations within the heating, ventilating, air conditioning, refrigeration and plumbing industries. continue...

Awards and Recognition of Service

Winner of multiple awards and recognition for safety throughout the years. President of many builder associations and always increasing education in building. A respected figure amost piers John Harkins has been awarded the ASSE American Society of Engineering, Henry B. Davis award as well as the ASSE Award for Presidency, including continue...

Inventions & Lectures

During the 66 years in the industry, John Harkins has always found inovated ways to say time, cost and promote safety within his company and the industry. Some of John Harkins contributions and inventions include his Stainless Steel trench drain inventions, plastic shrink rap packaging and safety bingo. John also has performed as an expert lecture on the MCAA convention in the late 1980s. continue...

Professional References


Mechanical Contractors Association of America, Inc.
Member 1968 to 1993
Director 1981-87
Mechanical Contracting Foundation, Inc. - Member 1990-93
Plumbing Committee - Chairman 1988; Member 1986-87
Industry Improvement Funds Committee - Member 1984-85
Governmental Affairs Committee - Member 1981-83; 1989-90
Energy Committee - Chairman 1981
Resolutions Committee - Chairman 1986
National Convention Lecturer 1987-89


Mechanical Contractors Association of Eastern Pennsylvania, Inc. President 1988-89
Director 1975 to 1993
Labor Negotiating Committee 1984 to 1993


Servicing Contractors Association/
Mechanical Contractors Association/Joint Committee
Chairman - 1976 to 1993


Servicing Contractors Association
Director and Trustee - 1978 to 1993
Labor Negotiating Committee - Member 1978 to 1984


American Society of Sanitary Engineering
International President 1987
1989 Recipient of Henry B. Davis Award
1982 Recipient of Fellowship Award
Annual Meeting Planning Committee - Chairman 1977 to 1992
Annual Program Committee - Chairman 1988 to 1990


ASSE/PHCC Liaison Committee - Chairman 1988 to 1992
Refresher Course/Ways and Means - Member 1989 to 1992
Publications and Public Relations Committee - Chairman 1986 to 1992
Henry B. Davis Award Committee - Member 1991
Past Presidents Committee - Chairman 1988 - Member to Present


American Society of Sanitary Engineering Pennsylvania Chapter
Past President


Subcontractors Association of Delaware Valley
Charter Member 1969 to 1992


General Building Contractors Association
Member 1969 to 1992
Public Relations Committee - Member 1980-84
Cost Effective Construction Committee 1990-1992


American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers, Inc.
Member 1979 to present
Energy Committee - Member 1980-84


Refrigeration Service Engineers Society
Member 1979 to present
Liaison to MCAA - 1979 - 84


Building Owners and Managers Association International
Member 1979 to present
Energy Committee - 1980-84


Institute of Real Estate Management
of the National Association of Realtors
Member 1987 to present


National Association of Plumbing, Heating, Cooling Contractors Member 1987 to 1992
Safety Committee - Member 1986 to 1989
Low Flow Fixture Ad Hoc Policy Committee 1988-89