Consulting Services

Consulting experience has became very useful in translating what a vision was for a client and showing how to optimize and reorganize for profitability and accountability.

Licenses Personally Held

Master Plumber:
City of Philadelphia, State of Pennsylvania;
State of New Jersey

Master Electrician:
City of Philadelphia; State of Pennsylvania

Mechanical Contractor:
City of Philadelphia; State of Pennsylvania;
State of New Jersey

Professional Experience

  • Plumbing (PL)
  • Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC)
  • Refrigeration (RFG)
  • Process Piping (PP)
  • Automatic Temperature Controls (ATC)
  • Energy Management (EMG)
  • Design Build (DB)
  • Service (SRV)

Former Employees Who Went Into Business

Don McCabe, President
- McCabe Pluming & Heating

Pat Cosgrove, President
- Cosgrove Mechanical

Kevin McFadden, Partner
- River Mechanical

Frank Golden, Consultant
- Golden & Cowden Mechanical

Franny Golden, Partner
- Golden & Cowden Mechanical

Bill Cowden, Partner
- Golen & Cowden Mechanical

Tom Babcock, Jr., President
- Babcock & Brandt

Joe Hines, President
- Hines Plumbing & Heating

Carl Sobel, President
- Sobel Mechanical Services

Tom Paul, Presiden
- Surety Mechanical

Val Soribe, Partner
- Accord Mechanical

Tim Golden, President
- SGI Insulation

Jim Huddy, President
- Huddy Mechanical

Mike Hanson, President
- Hunter Mechanical

Steve Williams, CEO
- Herman Goldner

Harkins Mechanical Service, Inc

HARKINS MECHANICAL SERVICES, INC. has been formed to perform commercial and industrial service, maintenance and installations throughout the Greater Delaware Valley.

All service is performed through the use of the Company developed computerized Service Management Program. Our fleet of radio dispatched trucks are available day or night, seven days a week. Additionally, all service personnel and staff have their personalized voice mail and beepers to enhance communication and prompt response. Our service technicians are certified to render service for air conditioning and heating equipment ranging from small commercial through large industrial applications, as well as refrigeration equipment. Our field personnel average 15 years of trade related education including a five-year apprenticeship program, seven years of advanced journeyman training and various mini courses and seminars. Summarized, we take pride in our pursuit of excellence and our commitment to our customers.

Harkins Mechanical Services has an R’ Stamp Certification; the Company is certified to perform repairs on boiler and pressure vessels. This certification allows our mechanics to make repairs that include welding on these vessels and to return them to a safe operating condition. Work is performed in accordance with the rules of the National Board of Boiler & Pressure Vessel Inspectors and ASME codes.

The State of New Jersey 1990-1994

Capitol complex in Trenton New Jersey

I had a full maintenance contract for Mechanical & Electrical work in the Capitol Complex in Trenton New Jersey. This Consisted of at least 10 major buildings housing thousands of office employees.

I had 30 Men performing the work I established full maintenance procedures that never existed before.

• As a result of my progressive and efficient procedures I was asked to act as an individual consultant to the State of New Jersey.
• Held the individual title of a Loaned Executive to the GMRC - Governor's Management Review commission.
• I co-authored the new facilities maintenance audit of May 10th 1991.
• Received an award from then Governor Florio for the Consulting work performed for the GMRC.

1220 Walnut Hotel and Condo's

I was engaged and hired as a consultant for Mechanical & Plumbing assisted design by CREI Developer.

This involved biweekly meetings in New York City with their Architecture firm of ArchiTectonics and their Mechanical Engineer firm. We worked together to develop the highest quality at a fair price in all aspects of design, location, equipment, fixture and overall esthetics.

Full plans for a multistory High Rise with 5 Star Restaurant, Health Club, Concierge Services were developed.

The Project never was built due to the 2008 real estate bubble crash and lack of funding.

1985 Sacred Heart Academy

Acted as a Building Construction Consultant and chairman of the New Gymnasium addition.

• I commissioned the architect Ray DiPaoli to design the new Gym and do topology drawings creating 2 new soccer fields in a bi-level arrangement. In a variance with the Wetland Building Code.

• We advertised for bidders in all disciplines of construction. Relieved bids, evaluated and award contracts.

• I insisted on the work to be bonded!
A local Parent who had a GC. Company was reluctant to provide a bond. I insisted or no job. As it turned out the GC had roof leaks that ruined the Hardwood floors; with the bond in place all leaks & new flooring were provided at no additional cost to Sacred Heart Academy.

The job turned out well and the Academy was totally satisfied.

Malvern Retreat House

As a consultant I performed a complete energy audit of all 5 buildings outlining areas of deficiency and making recommendations with budgeted dollars for each. This survey report was used as a plan for renovations for several years.

• At the league's request I developed a plan and budget to air condition 4 major buildings that ran into the millions. That plan is being used today to do one building at a time as funds become available.

Installations, Services and Renovations

BRYN MAWR COLLEGE – Harkins in the past has maintained absorption and centrifugal chillers on a contract basis as well as providing maintenance and design/build services as required. The campus complex includes over thirty buildings. Projects we have installed have included a central chilled water interconnect; renovations to the Biology Building; numerous plumbing projects; as well as heating renovations to the Meremont Apartments, Radiant heat and gas service to the Ward Building. Haffner Hall; retrofit the entire heating system piping and equipment. Average annual sales exceed $225,000.00.


Avenue of the Arts Building- Harkins has a full labor and inspection contract and has performed control renovations as well as an extensive upgrading of the HVAC equipment for this 17-story facility. Total annual sales volume is in excess of $100,000.00.

Reading Terminal Market - Harkins provides Preventive Maintenance on the refrigeration equipment throughout this historical landmark.

PHILADELPHIA ELECTRIC COMPANY - Harkins has provided manpower for scheduled and emergency services at many locations throughout the City and surrounding counties including design-build HVAC projects. Average annual sales volume was $300,000.00.

RHONE POULENC RORER /CIBA GEIGY- Harkins has completed various plumbing and HVAC projects at this site.

INSTITUTE OF PENNSYLVANIA - Harkins has completed numerous design/build plumbing and HVAC projects at this site.

BETHLEHEM LUKENS STEEL COMPANY - Harkins has provided two full-time on-site technicians under maintenance agreement for 30 buildings. In addition, we have been involved in numerous renovation projects including ARC cooling tower overhaul; various air conditioning renovation and design/build projects; and maintenance contracts for compressed air systems. Other projects have included heating renovations in the Carpenter Shop and Fire Office; Lukens Weld Office HVAC and Caster Office Air Conditioning. Total sales volume is in excess of $175,000.00.

CITY OF PHILADELPHIA – WATER DEPARTMENT – is under a Boilers Inspection Service Contract for 19 locations. Owner had previously experienced inefficiencies and poor to no maintenance. We turned the situation around to the complete satisfaction of the Owner. Now, all systems are operating at maximum efficiency.

Hurricane Floyd (1999) flooded the S.W. Plant. It was totally under water affecting the comfort system of the facility. We responded immediately and performed a complete tear down and replacement of two Cleaver Boilers. All systems are now running at maximum efficiency. We saved the Owner over 300% increase in cost by not having to do a complete replacement of boilers.

FREE LIBRARY OF PHILADELPHIA – is under a Full Maintenance Contract for HVAC in the main branch and 52 branch locations. The Owner had previously experienced inefficiencies and poor to no maintenance. We turned that situation around to the complete satisfaction of the Owner, receiving many commendations from the various operations staff: "Best Service since I have been here in last 10 years." - "Your timely visits are reassuring."- "You have solved our problems."

In addition to service, we are currently the Design Build Mechanical Contractor for new renovations at various branches.

WACHOVIA BUILDING – Headquarters, Philadelphia. The new Owner, First Union, completely renovated the old 30 story Fidelity Bank Building in Center City Philadelphia. Complete demo and total retrofit of the majority of floors was accomplished in an accelerated schedule. This was coordinated with the move in requirements of management. Completion was entirely accomplished in 9 months!

WACHOVIA PLAZA BUILDING: 5TH & Market Streets, Philadelphia. The new Owner, First Union Bank, completely renovated this 11 story building. Work included demo and retrofit of all floors of office space. Also installation of 22 Electronic IDF rooms on all floors requiring 22 chilled water AC systems. The work schedule was accelerated thru the use of two shifts to accomplish the desired completion dates. The job was completed on time.

WACHOVIA BRANCES – Dresher, Exton, and Thorndale performed major renovations on plumbing and HVAC systems.

EDGCOMB METALS – Harkins has an Inspection contract covering the heating and air conditioning of the entire warehouse, Sales offices and Corporate Headquarters.

PROJECT H.O.M.E. – is under a service contract for: refrigeration, HVAC, plumbing and electrical services prevention maintenance work at all 16 locations. The owner had previousley experienced inefficiencies and slow response to service request. We have turned that situation around to the satisfacction of the owner who is a non-profit organization serving the community’s needs as it relates to the homeless population.

MERCK - Harkins is particularly sensitive to the unique needs of the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Within the past few years, Harkins has completed in excess of 30 projects for Merck, Sharp & Dohme of the General Contractors at the West Point site totaling in excess of $2.2 million. Noteworthy among these projects are: Building 2 Cooling Tower Piping ($210,000) and Building 2 Compressed Air Piping ($80,000); 50% of Steam Utility Trench from Buildings 53A thru Building 39, a significant underground installation ($625,000). There are numerous smaller projects performed but not listed.

MERCK Building 60 Ultra Low Temp. Freezer Repair - Harkins was contacted as a certified ultra low temp refrigeration contractor on an emergency call by MSD. The Cincinnati sub-zero freezer room had never worked properly from the day of installation 1995 thru 2/98. We responded within 24 hours and analyzed the multitude of problems that existed. Corrective work started immediately and was completed in 9 weeks time. Substantial time, effort and manpower went into the repair. Upon completion, the unit is now able to hold -70 ° F with fluctuation of only .07 % of 1 degree subsequent validation was performed and approved. The $20,000,000.00 of product is now safely conditioned and stored.

MERCK MRL – performed inspection and maintenance during August shout down period to assist and supplement. MERCK’s work force on approximately 150 Ultra low freezer boxes. All work was performed in compliance with MERCK procedures and Federal Join Commisssion (JACO)

MERCK Building 38 Polysac Plumbing U.G. and 450 tons of Roof Top HVAC Units - Building 75-A under slab piping storm, sanitary, lab waste, fire and domestic water ($180,000.00).

E. I. DuPONT De NEMOURS & Co. - DuPont Automotive Products - Marshall Labs. Harkins, Inc. has installed a complete HVAC system for the new pigment lab wing. In addition, we have done extensive modification, consisting of approximately 4000 running feet of spiral duct, to the air exhaust system on the five-story test lab. Total sales in excess of $150,000.00.

WYETH AYERST - Harkins has completed several industrial HVAC, laboratory and office renovation projects in excess of $2,000,000.00.

CHESTER UPLAND SCHOOL DISTRICT – Harkins has developed a strong relationship with the school district and has become the Contractor of choice on major projects and emergency situations. Harkins has been involved in major repairs, maintenance of equipment, replacement units, emergency service following flood disasters, etc.


In addition to the preceding, Harkins has extensive experience in the healthcare industry. Our contract and renovation customers include Elmer Hospital, Children's Hospital, Stenton Hall Nursing Home, Central Park Lodge, Neumann Medical Center, The Albert Einstein Medical Center, Mount Sinai Hospital, and Graduate Hospital, Pennsylvania Hospital and Chester Crozer Medical Center.

The company has maintenance contracts representing a diversified group of clients (i.e., food service, healthcare, utility, government, educational, religious, and commercial.) Harkins offers its clients a choice of contract coverage and is able to customize contracts based on client requirements.

Harkins is experienced and recognized to do service work on ultra-low temperature equipment in the Greater Delaware Valley. Manufacturers serviced are Revco, Norlake, Hot Pack and Conviron.