Drake Tower

Apr 22, 2015 - Back to News

A 31-story, 320 apartment building under went major renovation while occupied. Harkins Mechanical Services, Inc., installed:

• Electrical 13.2 KV – 4000 amp service, 350 KW emergency generator apartment wiring, life safety systems, and silhouette King Kong lighting.

• HVAC installed individual split AC systems. Modified steam, hot water systems to apartments and corridors were also installed. Exhaust systems were revised with new fans installed, cooling tower to theater, steam to hot water heating system for Penthouse suites.

• Plumbing installed new generators, sewage ejectors, constant pressure house pumps and luxury plumbing fixtures to all apartments.

• We furnish design-assist and practical engineering to solve the myriad of problems through out the course of the job to make systems compatible with existing conditions.

• Contract was in the excess of $5 million.