PSGA – Pharmaceutical Sourcing Group of America, a Johnson & Johnson Company (Formerly Orhto McNeil Pharmaceutical).

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Harkins has been of service to PSGA and other Johnson & Johnson companies at the Springhouse site from 1999 to the present. Our work includes HVAC; plumbing and process piping jobs ranging from $1,000 to $1,100,000. Scope of work includes: replacement of major equipment in the Utility Plant, chiller and tower replacements, plate and frame heat exchanger installation, pumps, steam and condensate system installations, process piping and equipment installation in areas such as Pancreas Manufacturing and various labs, major office renovations and installations, installation of air handling units, in Process, Utility Plant and Office areas. We have completed approximately 400 projects for a total of $7,865,000, and we work directly for PSGA Engineers and for site construction management companies. Please see attached listing of major installations.