2006 - Dobbins Alumni Award - Mechanical Contractor John F. Harkins

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2006 - Dobbins Alumni Hall of Fame Award.
This award committee choses from the Dobbins Alumni of over 70 years the most outstanding graduate with his/her contribution to society. Other recipients are;

2002 - Sylvester Johnson Philadelphia Police Commissioner
2003 - State Representative Jewell Williams
2004 - T.V. Guide Founder Irvin J. Borowsky
2005 - Basketball All Star & Coach Dawn Staley
2O06 - Mechanical Contractor John F. Harkins
2007 - John Lairson
2008 - Richard Krug
2009 - Doctor Robert Ellis Murrey
2009 - Philadelphia Police Captain Branville Bard
2009 - Professional Athlete Raheem Brock
2010 - Professional Athlete Joanne Chamar

Award Details:

Alumnae Achievers:
Dobbins CTE High School is steeped in tradition, with a strong legacy of achievement among its graduates. In 2002, the Alumnae Association began to recognize graduates of Dobbins who have made their mark in the world, as a way of inspiring our future graduates and passing on that mantra of achievement. For the last ten years, this recognition has been in the form of the Wall of Fame. We are proud of the recipients who have earned this prestigious honor. With their inspiration, we believe that all of our graduates will become Alumnae Achievers.

Charles M. Whiting, Principal