Material Handling Carts 96"L x 36"W - John F. Harkins

May 19, 2015 - Back to News

Material Handling Carts
96"L x 36"W
with four flexible wheels that can lock, made with steel tube stock and can stack one on top of another.

joh-f-harkins-invention-material-handling-01 joh-f-harkins-invention-material-handling-02 joh-f-harkins-invention-material-handling-03
These carts allow for the ease of handling fabricating tables onto these carts which roll to the loading dock onto the shop flat bed trucks to the job site. They are then loaded onto the freight elevators, rolled off onto the floor where needed and to the exact location of installation point. Only then, does a man pick up and handle the fabricated piping.

This is the industry accepted most efficient way to handle fabricated materials from the fabricating tables.

Reference; Mr. Kerry O'Brien
Expert on Labor Saving Formats