Palletizing & Shrink Wrap Loads - 1983 - Four Seasons Hotel

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Palletizing & Shrink Wrap Loads
1983 - Four Seasons Hotel

We where fabricating piping in our shop and using my invention of material handling carts very efficiently. When I placed the China Plumbing Fixture order with American Standard in Trenton N.J. I requested that all fixtures be palletized and shrink wrapped with plastic wrapping. This was not their standard way of shipping and they were reluctant to do this procedure. To discourage me they said they wanted extra money to do so. I agreed to pay this extra for I was sure it would eliminate breakage which was a problem in the standard loose shipping of fixtures.

American Standard agreed and did palletize and shrink wrap as I directed. We experienced NO broken fixtures as a result.

Later that year American Standard called me to say that since they purchased the shrink wrap machine they began using that procedure within their factory.

This resulted in near ZERO internal breakage!!! They adopted my suggestion and thanked me by crediting back to me the extra money that I agreed to pay to use my new process. Since then it has become an industry practice among all manufactures.

Palletizing with Shrink wrapping does save $!

I later went on to lecture this procedure to all MCAA contractors (2500) at the National Conventions in 1987, 1988 & 1989.

1987 - 1989
Information Exchange: Methods of Handling PLumbing Materials.

John F. Harkins (John F. Harkins Co., Inc, Philadelphia, PA) will lead the discussion which will center around increasing productivity through more effective materials handling at the worksite, including possibilities of palletizing & shrink wrap loads from manufacturers/distributors. Other plumbing topics and problems will also be covered.